Insurance Options

Insurance Built For Your Needs

Life is unpredictable. When unexpected disaster strikes, having the right protections in place can mean the difference between getting totally set back or getting back on track.

As an insurance carrier with over 75 years of experience, Independent Mutual Fire Insurance Company provides the knowledge, dependability, and prompt support you need to make sure your personal property is covered no matter what the future holds.

To better serve our customers, Independent Mutual offers policies that can be customized with endorsements for added coverage on specific belongings or situations. Our Agents can assist you to customize a policy to suit your needs.

Fire Policy Personal Property Insurance

With personal property insurance from Independent Mutual, the items you can’t afford to lose is protected. Discover which perilous events we can help cover and how we can work together to create an affordable, customized policy to protect your belongings.

Fire Policy

Mobile Home Insurance Mobile Homeowner's Policy

Safeguard your home today. Our Mobile Home Insurance policy is similar to standard homeowner’s insurance coverage, but has been designed to protect the specific vulnerabilities of a mobile home.

Mobile Home Insurance

Additional Coverages Optional Endorsements

Endorsements increase coverage for specific belongings or situations. Endorsements can be added mid-term, without having to renew your policy to cover items such as Personal Liability, Food Spoilage, Burglary and more.

Additional Coverages